Crime especially violent one leaves horrible aftermaths to the place. Everything at the affected place is messy and difficult to deal with. Glasses, dust, fingerprints and most importantly blood spills and tissues present there should requires immediate cleaning and disposing so that it does not have any negative impact on the health and hygiene of people living there. Bio hazards, if not given due attention can possess real danger and we can help you in remediating this problem. Types of bio-hazards that are cleaned and resolved by us are as mentioned below.

  • Homicide Cleanup: Homicides remediation comes under the category of traumatic cleanup which involves issues of murders. Such a situation leaves behind hazardous material such as body fluids, blood spills and tissues. Our professional cleanup team takes full responsibility of cleaning this contamination from the affected places and restores it to its original place.
  • Burglary Cleanup: Burglary victims are under a state of depression and high agitation. Everything at the place becomes disturbed and confusing. In such a situation, we try to completely erase the stressing look of the place by preserving the undiscovered evidences which can be helpful for police to investigate about the criminal.
  • Fingerprint Dust Cleanup: Most annoying work that is to be done on the crime scene is cleaning fingerprint dust. Our cleanup team takes full responsibly of cleaning this fine and easily spreading dust in less time than other firms.
  • Blood Spills Cleanup: Most difficult and tricky task at the time of bio hazard cleaning is to eradicate blood spills and stains from the area and objects affected due to it. This is done with so expertise that the affected place does not remind people about the hazardous incident as well as to stop spreading of blood borne disease that can harm them. Furniture, fabrics, rugs, accessories and carpet affected by blood is cleaned and disinfected to kill germs and maintain sanitary condition of the place.

If you have also gone through the same situation and want to rescue and restore your home from such an incident then first of all call your property insurance agent so that claims of the damages can be asked and then call us to seek help of our special bio hazard cleanup service that is available with us 24 hours. Also the pricing of the service is reasonable and cleanup work is delivered instantly.


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