Electronic Do's and Don'ts

Electronics are very receptive in nature and likely to get easily destroyed by the water and fire. At the time of fire and water disaster, it acquires highest risk of getting damaged. Water is very dangerous for electronics and it can damage the whole functioning of an electronic in less time. Also damage faced by electronics then it may result in entire destruction of your belongings through fire accident.

Thus it is important that you should pay severe attention towards the safety of electronics and the life of people living there. So for this, many companies are there who are giving their best service to the people who experienced property damage. They specialize in providing emergency cleaning and restoration services. You can contact them through telephonic number, whenever the need arises. They will come to help you within 30 minutes with all their required stuff. But you should also follow some do’s and don’ts of electronic.


  • First and the foremost thing that you should do at the time of water and fire damage is to switch off all the electronic gadgets.
  • If any electronic items are laying on the wet floor or on a carpet then pick them up and keep them in a safer place so that it would not get affect.
  • You should wipe off the surface by using a cotton cloth so that the moisture does not stay.
  • By using Paper sheet wrap your appliances so that, if any moisture is there then it will get soaked.
  • Take an appropriate size box for packing these appliances. This would help you in cleaning other areas without affecting electronics.


  • Do not try to repair any electronic items or connection by opening it as it can be dangerous for your health. If there are any chemical leakages in the appliances then it may harm your skin.
  • Do not leave any electronic item on the wet floor or carpet as it can damage your device permanently.
  • Never use plastic sheet for wrapping your electronics as it cannot soak liquid properties and it can lead to a slippery surface.

You should keep a note of these points for protecting your electronics from unanticipated calamities and also for avoiding further damage. Keep this in mind that electronics are very exclusive in nature and if it gets damaged by fire and water damage then it may result in an enormous loss. Hence you should prevent such damages in advance.


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